Longtown Community Primary School

Longtown Community Primary School

Welcome to Longtown Pre-School 



There’s something that really sets our very loved community Pre-School apart… 

It’s not the amount of sand we use in our muddy kitchen or the castle that lives at the end of the road. It’s not even that we have been rated Outstanding by Ofsted 2019, (though that is pretty wonderful). It’s the fact that we believe that kindness is a gift that all children are entitled to, which is something the children discover every day. Compassion and community spirit drive all our ideas, encouraging our pre-schoolers to appreciate and respect their surroundings. Whether that is tiny hands preparing elderflower cordial for the local fete, or little wellies stomping through a rainy outing to the local castle or the village shop. 

We are a traditional setting with contemporary ideas founded on the values of kindness and fairness; open-mindedness; respect for ourselves and for others. We seek to challenge stereotypes, we listen to one another and we engage with the community. We encourage every child to respect themselves, championing individuality and being proud of who we are. Our pre-school values are interwoven into all of our activities. We are kind and helpful. If problems arise “I had it first!” we listen, talk, and then listen again in order to find a compromise. We work together and we learn what we live. We encourage creative thinking and participation in the local community and the wider world. We celebrate festivals and mark special days from the world around us, using books, posters, planned activities and hands-on crafting.

 Our children learn through play and are encouraged to explore the rich natural environment. Our Early Years Hub is complimented by lots of outdoor space including access to a vegetable garden and a forest school area. Under our last inspection, we were a charity run preschool. We are now Governor run as of April 2021 and run as part of Longtown Community Primary School. 



"Staff provide highly innovative learning

opportunities and first-hand experiences"


“Children behave exceptionally well and

demonstrate respect and tolerance.”


“Children demonstrate a sense of ownership in their wonderful

and rich learning environment. They are deeply engaged, active

 and independent learners.”


“Children learn about the importance of healthy eating. They grow

vegetables, such as cabbages, garlic and tomatoes.

Children pick the vegetables and use them in

cooking activities. For example, they make tomato sauce

 to spread on top of pizza bases. Children

enjoy an abundance of outdoor learning opportunities.”


 OFSTED report January 2019


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