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At Longtown Community Primary School, our outdoor learning aims to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

Outdoor learning allows children to build a relationship with our area and understanding and appreciation of the environment. It allows children to learn new skills, build confidence, self-esteem and independence whilst enjoying the benefits of fresh air and the outdoors.

Outdoor learning takes place in all weathers in the first half of the Autumn term and resumes in the Spring. Children are provided appropriate outer clothing so that they can fully and comfortably participate in their activities. The aim is to have fun whilst staying warm and dry.

We are fortunate to be able to use the beautiful surroundings of farmland, rivers, mountains and woodland that surround our school, which provide us with the wonderful natural resources in which our outdoor learning flourishes.

In addition to the lead member of staff, the children are encouraged to identify potential risks and suggest ways to stay safe whilst playing and working outdoors.

Over the years we have developed close links to our neighbouring Longtown Outdoor Learning Trust Centre. Through the expertise of their staff and ours, we benefit from well planned and exciting activities.


Here are a few of the activities undertaken in the Autumn term 2023;

Class 2: Giant ice marbles; exploring schemas of throwing and transporting, using senses of touch and sound with key principles of melting and freezing.

Class 3: Frozen nature bricks and water balloons; exploring key principles of properties of solids and liquids, melting and freezing, cause and effect, leading to experiential learning and contextual application.

Class 4: Burning and Fire; gathering appropriate materials to burn, build fire and light with flint and steel. Heat water for hot chocolate. Inspect changes to wood from natural state to burnt state, charcoal. Observe water properties during heating and cooling


We are pleased to say that our ever-dedicated PTA have formed a work-party this Autumn half term break, to ensure the upkeep and running of our specialist outdoor area. There has been plenty of clearing and sorting, and we hope another such group will go in just before the Spring sessions start, to make sure the area is tiptop and ready for the children's return.